Beta test - Call Centre Phoner

Step 1:Find the company you are phoning. type some letters and then ? to say you want a search. ? without letters gives a list. + to add a new company
Step 2: Click here on the phone number you wish to call (they may only have one)
add new itemX
Step 3: Click here on the command sequence you want to use.
add new itemX
Step 4: Add any extra information needed and click on the green phone to dial.
These are the keys sent to the call centre (* means wait a bit)

This is an autodial link that you can use.empty
Description of valueValue to be sent to call centre

Call, Answer fully or unmute microphoneEnd or reject callAnswer with muted microphone (or mute)type in numbers or keysChange settingsVideo switch
123Start chat
456Join conference call
789start administrator link (to be able to break into calls)
*0#Acall manager control

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This free service is provided by Cirrostratus usingSoho66'sVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform as the SIP Trunk backbone provider.
This is a trial version of the call centre phoner (beta test). However, for this to work - it uses a test profile - it has to store a cookie on your computer to distinguish between your computer and anyone elses. Hence using the website implies consent to the storage of the cookie.